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Density functional theory in hydrodynamics of a multicomponent multiphase mixture

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Areas of applications

(Here are the research areas, where our group achieved effective implementation of density functional approach)

  • Multiphase flow in pipes and capillaries

  • Multiphase flow in random porous media

  • Multiphase flow in complex external field of mass forces

  • Flow with phase transitions

  • Dynamic wetting angle

  • Dynamics of droplets and bubbles inside viscous flow: coalescence, rupture, forced and free oscillations

  • Gravitational and capillary waves

  • Raley-Taylor instability

  • Kelvin-Helmholz instability

  • Free and induced motion of solid bodies inside viscous flow

Examples of multiphase flow movies
Screenshots of results obtained using DFT


The page is updated 07-Dec-2007

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