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Density functional theory in hydrodynamics of a multicomponent multiphase mixture

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You can see flow movies here

Today we have a number of multicomponent multiphase flow problems solved by the means of density functional approach.
    Merging of the one phase (liquid, gas) bubbles which are placed in another phase (gas, liquid)

    Fragmentation of bubbles caused by the tensions in surrounding media (tensions are made by countercurrents, for instance)

    Hydrodynamics of multicomponent multiphase mixture near the solid body with taking into account such phenomena as wetting angle and phase boundary moving

    Hydrodynamics of multicomponent multiphase mixture in a tube; with all this going on such phenomena as bubbles merging, fragmentation and phase transitions are accounted; in addition, altering force field and possibility of media flow in and out are provided

    Microhydrodynamics of multicomponent multiphase mixture in the fine pores or capillaries

    Binodal and spinodal decomposition of multicomponent multiphase mixture

    Description of multiphase viscous flow with moving solid bodies taking account of phase transitions between solid and liquid
All the problems were solved by the means of the new developed simulator which supports density functional method in the full extent. The simulator is designed to solve 2D and 3D problems with the arbitrary number of phases and components.
Recently the simulator was upgraded to support thermal effects in the multicomponent multiphase flow phenomena. The patch now is under testing. We have near plans to take into account the possibility of chemical reactions between the mixture components.
In the few words, the developed program package is able to simulate multicomponent multiphase flow with taking into account such phenomena as surface tension and phase transitions; it do not require any a priory phase boundary geometry to be prescribed and do not use other traditional “tricks”. Practically, the scope of the simulations are limited only by the model extent of detail (size of grid) and power of the computer.
All the solutions, which are represented on the site by the movies, were obtained by the means of ordinary PC in the time from several minutes to few hours.

You can see flow movies here

Examples of multiphase flow movies
Screenshots of results obtained using DFT


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